Who We Are

Tiny Big Dog Designs was created to engineer solutions for everyday problems. This includes documentation on various projects, files for laser engraving, customization services and more.

The Team


Josh is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from UC Davis who loves to build things and figure out how stuff works. He enjoys design work, both in the field of engineering and general graphic design as well. When he’s not working he enjoys helping others, playing soccer, travelling, and just being outdoors.


Natasha is the inspiration behind many of the designs created throughout this site, both directly and indirectly. She’s always thinking of new things for Josh to make to show off to others. In her free time, Natasha enjoys being with friends, traveling, and experimenting in the kitchen.


Bailey is the inspiration behind the Tiny Big Dog brand. As a Border Collie Australian Cattle Dog mix, she is a mix between a small version of a big dog, AKA a tiny big dog! Bailey enjoys running, watching squirrels, chasing tennis balls and being outside.

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