Folding Ring Box

This folding ring box was designed to improve the large and bulky ring box that usually comes with an engagement ring. This box folds up to fit easily into your pocket and is shaped different than a standard ring box to avoid any suspicion and maintain an element of surprise. As an added feature, the ring will twirl as the box is unfolded. You can also utilize magnets in the two halves to give the box a nice “snap” to it.

This design is not original, but is based on others that are available for purchase. An inspiration for this fold and twirl design can be found here. The ring box design files we offer in our shop were designed from scratch using this pop up mechanism. It also has been designed to be smaller to not take up as much pocket space, and was made to be laser cut for quick fabrication.

Purchase the files for the Folding Ring Box from our store here.

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