Emergency Tie Gift Box

Imagine the following scenario:

It’s 3 hours before the wedding ceremony is supposed to start and one of the groomsmen, let’s name him John, realizes he’s forgotten his tie at home. Luckily the tie just needs to be black to match everyone else so he should be able to get a replacement. The nearest store that sells ties is 30 minutes away, meaning at least an hour round trip, plus extra time for shopping. That leaves about an hour and a half until the ceremony, and even less time for bridal party pictures beforehand. John gets his tie, but not without causing extra stress for all parties involved.

Looking back, this scenario is a funny story and really caused no harm, but in the moment this wasn’t the case. So as a little “gift”, we’ve made an Emergency Tie Box to make sure John remembers what happened on that day and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Find the digital files for this box in our store to give to your own forgetful John or just as a creative way to gift a tie!

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